Southern Serengeti

A&K's Kusini Camp is located in a fairly remote rock outcropping at the southern end of the Serengeti. It was the very end of the dry season when we were there in early October, so the wildlife was a bit more scarce than other places and the land was visibly parched. The rainy season runs from some time in  October through mid April.

The camp itself was not fenced, so animals could (and did) come through. Giraffes had to be shooed away, something big was munching grass outside our tent in the middle of one night, and we could hear the lions relatively close by. We had to be escorted by a rifle toting camp employee if we wanted to move between tents or the main camp lodge after dark. Hot water and power were provided during certain hours of the day. But we had indoor plumbing and it was quite comfortable.

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