Samburu Game Reserve

The Samburu Reserve is located in north central Kenya. It is one of the little known jewels of northern Kenya, taking its name from a proud tribe of warriors. The reserve is a relatively small area, just 65 square miles of semiarid savanna, rough highlands, dry washes, and riparian forests of acacia and doom palm along the north bank of the Ewaso Ngiro River. Lacking paved roads, sparsely surrounded by Samburu herders, it teems with wildlife. It's the home to several distinct species such as reticulated giraffes, Grevy Zebras, etc. The elephants look red here not because they are different, but because the dirt they dust themselves with in Samburu is red!

The Samburu Intrepids Club where we stayed is the only camp A&K didn't own outright. This is also the only place where there was enough humidity to make it very muggy. The gift shop was the only air conditioned spot - guess why!

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