Orient Express & Dalmatian Coast

Our European trip in September 2009 was in celebration of Pam's significant 2009 birthday. She has long held an interest in crossing western Europe on the Orient Express in the luxurious style of 100 years ago. We started in London where we visited some friends and then boarded the Venice-Simplon Orient Express train for a trip through the English countryside (in vintage British Pullman Cars as was done at the turn of the 20th century), passing through the Chunnel on a motor coach (in lieu of sailing as in the past), boarding the actual Orient Express train on the Continental side of the Chunnel in Calais and then traveling through France, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, & Italy to Venice over the next day & a half. After a day in Venice and re-visiting a favorite cafe, we boarded the Seabourn Spirit for a 7 day cruise along the Dalmatian coast to Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia & Trieste, Italy. We were blessed with great weather and wonderful times the entire trip.

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