CTS Buellton 2007

Photos from Carmichael Training Systems' spring endurance training camp in Buellton, CA (just outside Solvang)  in mid March 2007. The goal of the camp was to provide attendees an experience very similar to a pro spring training camp. Staff included Chris Carmichael, several other CTS coaches, 4 race mechanics from SRAM Neutral Race Support and 5 soingiers, complete sag support including spare bikes, wheels, etc and  daily post ride massages & individual coaching sessions. Each attendee is provided with a PowerTap power meter and assigned to one of the coaches for daily ride analysis. 

The first day, everyone is given a Field Test - as in "go up that 2+ mile climb as fast as you can, then come back and do it again". The coaches review the PowerTap power files from the Field Test and the group is then subdivided into roughly the top 25%, middle 50% & bottom 25% for riding groups until the fianl day.

Everyone heads out together on the final day for a ride known as "The Stinger" -  a 10+ mile climb up Mt. Figueroa at an average 7.5% grade that is rated as a strong Category 1 by the pros. The elevation profile for the Stinger ride is included below. Go to www.trainright.com for more info on Carmichael's various camps and programs.

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